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«Join me for this thought experiment.»

You are going to be driving a garbage truck on a small island, to collect the trash produced by some vacational villas.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a license or any experience driving. It's a private island: traffic rules, along with many other rules, don't apply here.

The only thing that matters is that it's just a couple of hours a day, it pays A LOT, and you can enjoy yourself in one of the villas while you're not on the job.

For this thought experiment imagine this is something down your alley, because today is your first day on this job.


SunsetShift-v1.1.zip 303 MB
SunsetShift-v1.0.zip 303 MB

Install instructions

Version log:


  • Add spanish & french translations
  • Add AZERTY support
  • Improve gamepad UI naviation


  • Initial release

Development log


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Been looking to play this game for quite a while, and it was absolutely amazing! 

It's hard to call this game enjoyable, because of course, despite the narrator stating that this will have a "happy ending" and there is "no twist" to it, it's a game about you being a part of a mismanaged, malicious system that actively kills our environment, depicted here by the island. Driving your truck around and seeing the ever-increasing piles of garbage and dead trees is really something. I like how Demont and you aren't portrayed as cartoonish villains. The evil you do isn't really mentioned or acknowledged. It's probably not even internalized as something evil. Killing this island is just a part of life. 

Thank you for this great game.


an existential travel, not a game


really loved playing this! vibes are great and environment is beautiful, though i wish there were a little more to the story. huge kudos to the team for something like this

my video playthrough:


Nice game 


very beautyful gameplay and story, but not so long ingame time. i finished the game soon, but i 100% recommend downloading.


Why we can't have nice things (rot13 spoiler: vg'f evpu crbcyr)

Beautiful scenery, from the colors to the models, really loved it. 

Physics are a bit iffy.

The story was nice, too, even though I'm skeptical of such "us vs. them" kind of argument, especially when it comes to environmental issues (though of course not entirely devoid of merit).

The big problem I had with it is the hugely repetitive gameplay, bordering on the disrespectful. You do the exact same loop 5 or 6 times with almost nothing in-between (3 or 4 lines of dialogue).


euro trash truck simulator 


Enjoyed the game!


relajante!! muy bueno!


FLY TIPPING SIMULATOR - sunset shift - i really enjoyed playing this well done to the dev or dev's involved 


That was fun. Speeding around, hoping I don't crash/flip too much.

I'd be very happy if you released it for Linux :) Release it, and I'll test it, and report back whether it worked or not


We’d like to but it requires some extra time as we need to fix some compilation issues for clang to be able to ship it to linux, so sadly I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it as we’re busy with other projects right now :(

However, we also don’t want to fully deny the possibility as we may end up finding a time window that allows us to do so. If we release a linux version, we’ll make a devlog to notify everybody that would like to play in there.

Thanks for your interest!



An incredible game that tackles complex issues in the world in a smaller scale, the effects of tourism, capitalism, the sacrifice of long term planning to satiate temporary greed. I loved that in illustrating this story, they do not rob it of its fundamentally, uniquely human aspects. Demonte does not fall into the useless archetype of the evil billionaire's son, in the same way the truck driver (the player) is not some meaningless, impact less figure. They share a human connection, and have bonds, virtues and flaws that helps the player see that pollution is not some distant issue caused by just rich elitist assholes, but humans. People. Carelessness, disrespect. Naivety. 



In Short: Absolutely Beautiful And Powerful

In Depth: On first looks, I did not think much of it. I thought it was a very simple and short game. Upon further examination and realization, the game is amazing. Visually stunning, great sound, and a deep and powerful meaning behind the game that I really enjoyed. I highly suggest playing this game for the experience. 


linux version

i cant play the game ;[




A surprisingly sad game. Really worth a play.


From the images I came with expectations of finding a cozy and satisfying game, a quiet trip, but it ended up being a criticism of where the garbage is thrown and consequences of capitalism, it is sad how you do not stop looking for a place for garbage and how much garbage is created by tourists for example. I liked the game. 


Interesting experience, I wish you'll make a full game trough this partnership .

This made me a little dizzy.


this was a neat little playthrough. i really enjoy this style of driving simulators and the relationship aspect wasnt something i expected. great work!


videojuego interesante, me gusto mucho porque yo estoy haciendo un videojuego de limpieza de playas. Esperaba que fuera mas largo y que tuviera mas cosas como un lugar especifico donde echar la basura, o cuando se hablo del ferry, pensaba que tenia que echar la basura ahi pero no. Cortito y bueno pero con un poco mas de desarrollo puede ser un producto ampliamente re jugable y vendible. Saludos gente, sigan así!.

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the game is very nice.

I couldn't find a map

I would also like to change the music


Este juego es asombrso <3


Me encantó la percepción que tuve al jugarlo del daño que se puede hacer sin querer o sin querer verlo cuando nos nubla cierta ilusión. Disfruté mucho por la isla y, para mi (dis)gusto contribuyendo al deterioro ambiental. ¡Enhorabuena!


Wow. This wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Great graphics and control but the message of the game plays all through the game depending on when you see it and how it affects you. Great stuff.


Love the obvious but basically unspoken message mixed with the social/relationship/human aspects. As always, you handle strong topics which I highly appreciate & combine that with beautiful music, visuals etc. 🧡 It was awesome timing that I played this right before my first driving lesson 😂 Congratulations on the release- looking forward to your next title 🥳 Thank you for your work 💕


been following deconstructeam really closely and loved your previous collaboration with them, and this one is also amazing. 100% checking out other stuff by you guys :)


The concept is surprising, the message is thought-provoking.

I really like the polly low graphics and the colors, and I would like to know if a Native version for Linux would be a possibility?


Sorry we don’t have plans for linux. The reason is that we only have one programmer and no way to test if the linux version has some bugs, so we decided to exclude it.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have seen someone who has already managed to get it to work on Linux, but I don't have the skills to do what he did, I would like a real version for my PC.

I'm willing to do the tests if you agree to compile for Linux.


Super Beautiful concept. So polished gameplay. If anyone wants to play in Ultrawide with correct FOV, go to:

C:/Users/<YourUser>/AppData/Local/SunsetShift/Saved/Config/Windows/ and open Engine.ini with text editor and put this at the end:



Later, check the file as ReadOnly to prevent the game change it. 

If the Developer add this to the DefaultEngine.ini in his Unreal project, we dont will need to do this.

It would nice too if Widgets not fixed left to right screen, to properly show in ultrawide, but is normally dont get in mind this resolutions. If you put the widget with a maximum 1920 of Width and aligned to center, in ultrawidescreen will shows up as Widescreen screen experience.


Thanks for the tips for ultra wide implementation, we don’t have an ultra wide screen so it’s easy to forget. I don’t think we’ll add support for ultra wide in this project but we’ll have it in mind for the next ones!


Thank you. Works for me.


good colors


played a little bit but this is so cool

I don’t expect this to ever happen but wheel support would be so good for this game, especially if there’s force feedback when the terrain gets bumpy? Ah, it would be perfect

still, even with gamepad it satisfies my driving urges, I will defined keep playing it later 


It made me think and feel a lot of things. Like, how relative happiness is. And how easy can life get having the right connections hahaha.

And that nothing is perfect, even if they try to convince you that it’s.

What a nice experience. I miss summer already. Thanks for the game!


love how the piles of garbage got progressively larger, made me laugh. Would love a save option in the future !


So cool!



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