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It's your birthday! The first thing you do after opening your gift is try it out on the ice. As you find your bearings with your mentor you start to discover yourself... 

Play as a passionate figure skater to "Rêverie" by Claude Debussy in this 5-minute long experience. The future holds so many possibilities. What happens when you follow your heart? 

This project is a love letter to everyone with a dream and to everyone still figuring that out. We hope you enjoy our small skating experience!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorSelkie Harbour
GenreSimulation, Sports
Made withBlender, Unreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Cozy, Indie, Relaxing, Short, Skating, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


Reverie.zip 225 MB


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Super relaxing and game runs very smooth great job!


This was really touching and beautiful! I'm so glad I'm stumbled upon this game

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Wonderful, beautiful, incredible, a quick experience in form of a game. Please consider making a macOS version


This is so great; I love all the little touches and I was caught by surprise more than once. The message of the game lands so well. <3

as a hockey player/short track speed skater, (quit hockey recently) i approve.


very sweet and short experience. the controls were awkward and, in the beginning, frustrating, but the animations were fun and i enjoyed posing for the camera. 

you know, there's something about small experiences like these that really make you reconsider the definition of a game. this immerses me immediately and effectively in the passion of something i have never really gotten good at; it portrays a message and a feeling to the player that is incomparable to other mediums. something to think about.

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I think I really captured the heart of what you were going for here. ;{)

nice animation and great idea!

Thanks for this game. I find this game strange because very few games are about figure skating. But I got a music copyright warning. I have to exchange it with another song in the game (=_=')


Wonderful stuff! So well presented and thought out for a 5 minute game. I wasn't expecting such polished visuals. The outfit/lighting transitions were seamless and the animations were really smooth. Enjoyed the album at the end too, nice touch. Makes me want a full length career figure skating game, which I have never even thought about before lol.