A downloadable game for Windows

Good day.

Today you will be playing the role of a renowned photographer.

The International Space Agency has commissioned you to photograph a team of astronauts to publish a charity calendar for 2023.

Let your creative juices flow for this photo studio is equipped with many:

  • Props! / From satellites and robots to cacti and... a coffin?
  • Costumes! / Astronaut suits, tuxedos, pajamas, and more!
  • Accessories! / Hats, helmets, glasses, backpacks!
  • Toys! / Make your models hold a guitar, a book, or a banana!
  • A working Chroma Key background!
  • Studio Lights!

At the end of the photo session, you'll find a folder with all the pages of a deliciously assembled calendar to keep and enjoy.

We'd love to see your craft! Tag us in your photos on Twitter or Instagram!

 We are @SelkieHarbour and @Deconstructeam <3


Thanks to Sebastià López for the super stylish work on the game's logo and identity. We recommend you download the complimentary PDF to see all the visual exploration he developed for this project!

Introducing Patrick Zimmermann as our new 3D prop artist.

And our most sincere thanks to Pedro Fuentes for all the detailed feedback and his continued support.


ISA Calendar Photoshoot 2023.zip 282 MB
Logo Development PDF by Daruma Studio 1 MB
Visual Identity Booklet PDF by Daruma Studio 21 MB
UEPrereqSetup_x64.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

If you find an error when executing the game that says something similar to "missing windows visual c++" try to download UEPrereqSetup_x64.zip and install the prerequisites. If it's still failing, maybe your computer doesn't satisfy the minimum specs. You can find more information and potential solutions here.


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I get the error message "Failed to open descriptor file ../../../ISAC/ISAC.uproject". Installing prerequisities doesn't fix the issue. Too bad, the screenshots look incredible!

That’s weird. I can only think of two potential solutions:

  1. It could be a corrupted download. You can try to download it again, maybe you get lucky.
  2. You could be trying to run the game in a path that’s quite long? I doublt it’s that, but you can always try to put the game folder somewhere close to the root path (like C:/ISAC or something like that), and see if that works.

I’m out of ideas here, and as this is the first time we hear about this issue it looks like it’s more of a local problem you’re having :(

I hope this helps you though!


was fun to play 


Loved this game! Will have to play it again to try and figure out the secrets but I honestly had so much fun just being a photographer hahaha. Thank you for your hard work on this fun game


Your game took me for a runaround... Here I was thinking I was just taking fun photos, then BOOM! SECRET UNCOVERED AND I'M CLUELESS!! I loved this game a lot and I hope everyone else who plays it has as much fun as I did!


What a sensational looking game, love to see the creativity and passion of this team <3 




very cool


Selkie Harbour and Deconstructeam never disappoint! This game has loads of charm, wonderful writing, and a great visual identity too. Also, the dog is immensely precious <3 

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Amazing game, but [SPOILERS]

What is the best ending??

Is this game playable with the touchpad? I was so excited to play but couldn't for the life of me find a way to interact with the objects. I don't know if it's a bug or if I'm stupid missing something.

It should work fine. Maybe you could have trouble for the interactions that need the left mouse button pressed for a bit, but you could use the physical buttons of your touchpad instead of tapping. If you still have trouble with your touchpad you can always try with a gamepad, as the game has support for it. I hope this helps!

OK I am kinda stupid, it's because my keyboard was AZERTY + my D key isn't working, so I didn't notice you could use the letter keyboard to move and kept trying using the arrow keys or the mouse!

Glad you found what was causing your problem!

You can also change the movement keys in the settings as you like to fit them to the AZERTY layout.


How fun to be able to shoot an astronaut calendar! I played this game because I thought, "What fun to be able to shoot an astronaut's calendar!

I enjoyed the high quality of the photography game with various astronauts, props, and chromakey backgrounds!

I was shocked after clearing the first round, and even though it was difficult to find the secret from there, I sunk without success, but I would like to try again next time!


Loved it. I'm a huge fan of Deconstructeam's games and this collaboration is taking them one dimension further (haha 3D).

The graphic design is fantastic, it's such a great idea to let people see the design manuals and booklets.

Here are some of the pics I've taken:

Whoa these photos are SO POWERFUL!


This game is absolutely amazing and incredible but...is there any way to add saving? I just spent an hour doing photos through august and lost it all :(


Glad you liked it! Sadly there won’t be any save system for this game :( However you can retrieve the photos you’ve done, just go to the gallery menu and click the “Open Album Location” button, it’ll open a window with all the photos you’ve taken.

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ah ok that is helpful! I just skipped ahead to the month I ended at and now I have a complete calendar. Currently messing around with the ~~secret~~ :) this game is INCREDIBLE!!!!